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Food industry

ASD airborne surface disinfection unit for the food industry and abattoirs : TwinCruiser LC

The cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment in the food industry, including abattoirs, contribute to the strict maintenance of food hygiene and premise surfaces. The efficiency of this operation depends on the successive and rigorous execution of the different decontamination steps and the performance of the equipment used as well as that of the disinfectant. For this sector of activity, Vigitechnics manufactures and markets the ASD TwinCruiser LC.

Why choose Vigitechnics equipment in an abattoir

In the specific case of abattoirs, these places are conducive to the accumulation of bacteria, germs and viruses. The use of Vigitechnics equipment makes it possible to prevent and eliminate contamination risks by the materials in use, whilst protecting the various on-site participants, end product quality and consumer health.

Complete treatment of such a place can be difficult. The dry biocide mist sprayed by the TwinCruiser LC robot penetrates every nook and cranny for thorough surface disinfection. This implementation is complementary to control and maintenance protocol steps.

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TwinCruiser LC : your partner for surface disinfection in the food industry

The protocol for cleaning and disinfecting the premises and surfaces of an abattoir is broken down – in fact – into successive stages as recommended, for example, by the French ITP (Technical Institute for Pork):

• Preparation of materials and products
• Storage and scraping to eliminate the most important waste
• Pre-washing with medium water pressure
• Washing and rinsing
• Finishing and final scraping

Fully automated, easy to use and quick to deploy, TwinCruiser aerosolises Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to prevent contamination in sensitive environments. These intervention cycles are managed automatically by the integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

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