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ASD airborne surface disinfection unit for offices and business premises : TwinCruiser LC

In the context of offices, open spaces and business premises in the service sector, the disinfection of surfaces by air is a complement to traditional cleaning. The two actions are complementary. Cleaning means removing dirt and organic matter from a work surface, a floor, etc. Disinfecting means using a chemical product (virucide, biocide) to kill germs, microbes and other bacteria.

ASD and office health reassurance

In a post-Covid 19 and lockdown context, when employees are back at their companies, whether you are the manager of a small or medium-sized business, the HR director of a large group, the operator of a third-party venue or co-working space, or a cleaning service provider looking for an efficient solution, the idea of healthy environment reassurance is a major issue with regard to all your stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers and any visitors.

A French specialist in ASD, with its experience in decontamination in the hospital and medical sector, Vigitechnics, with its TwinCruiser VGF and LC robots, meets your requirements for automated, reliable and efficient equipment.

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Vigitechnics and TwinCruiser LC: your allies for ASD in the service sector

Decontamination is a cleaning and sanitising technique that consists of eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses present in the workplace over the course of a day. With its ASD TwinCruiser LC, Vigitechnics provides office cleaners with an effective process that can decontaminate all corners of the treated areas up to a room volume of 300 m3. These devices (including TwinCruiser VGF) work by emitting a dry oxygen peroxide mist. This is performed by aerolisation via a Venturi nozzle, permitting beyond conventional disinfection, the prevention of viral spread in case of epidemics such as colds, flu or gastro-enteritis.

The treatment carried out does not only concern objects on the premises, individual offices and open spaces… but also the surrounding air and all exposed surfaces: materials, without risk to electronic appliances including computers, carpets, floors…

Our ASD processes
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TwinCruiser LC: dedicated to the disinfection of office surfaces

  • Among the two appliances in its catalogue, TwinCruiser LC from Vigitechnics is intended primarily for the service sector. It uses Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) < 8 % as a biocide, for optimal aerial surface disinfection. This product is not corrosive. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. After a treatment cycle, in the absence of any residue, no additional cleaning or drying is required.
  • Our connected and automated robot (the ASD must be carried out without anyone in the room. Once installed, communication is performed by Ethernet or Wi-Fi modem from a smartphone, tablet or computer…) and is compatible with all other electronic devices in place. TwinCruiser LC is easy to program and handle. It complies with NF T72-281 (2009 and 2014) and NF EN 14348 standards.
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TwinCruiser VGF: total air and surface action

  • The TwinCruiser VGF is also suitable for routine ASD operations in offices and business premises. This device works according to the same method of diffusion by aerosolisation in the form of a dry mist. The disinfectant used remains Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) < 8%, non-corrosive, biodegradable and non-toxic, which is then combined with Peroxone (03H2O2) for surface and air decontamination. Full compliance with standards T72-281 (2014), NF T72-281 (2009) and NF EN 14348.
  • TwinCruiser VGF has been rigorously tested by independent European accredited laboratories. It offers the possibility of LOG 5 disinfection or LOG 6 decontamination.

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