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ASD airborne surface disinfection unit for hotels and restaurants : TwinCruiser LC

The overall cleanliness of a hotel or restaurant is one of the first criteria for customer satisfaction. This type of establishment open to the public is, moreover and depending on the country, subject to national hygiene standards which must be respected.

Why choose Vigitechnics disinfection ASD equipment

French manufacturer of ASD equipment, marketed in France and internationally, Vigitechnics meets this need of operators in the hotel and restaurant sectors, via its TwinCruiser LC robot. Its operating principle is based on ultra-diffusion: it projects a dry mist composed of oxygen peroxide (H2O2) by aerosolization.

The advantage of this process is that it guarantees homogeneous application of the biocidal product for optimal disinfection of surfaces in contact with the air. An argument also to be taken into account in terms of health reassurance, at the end of the Covid 19 pandemic, after long months of closure.

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The advantages of the TwinCruiser LC robot

Simple to deploy and use, this Vigitechnics equipment is fully automated, easy to program thanks to an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) (menus, icons, etc.). Once installed in places that must be empty of any occupants, it can be controlled remotely, via its on-board WiFi modem and router, from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It allows complete traceability of the disinfection cycles (which are themselves managed by the automaton) and of the biocidal products used. This data is available for instant consultation from the TwinCruiser LC dashboard but can also be downloaded for backup, control, any subsequent use, etc.

As for oxygen peroxide (H2O2) < 8%, it is non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable. Subsequent drying and cleaning is not required. There is no residue left. It offers excellent compatibility with all types of materials. The treatment is finally safe for electronics.

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Twin Cruiser LC : your ASD
asset !​

  • This device is recommended by Vigitechnics for hotel and catering companies to cover their current needs for disinfection of surfaces by air.
  • It is certified to the standards in force: NF T72-281 (2009 and 2014) and NF EN 14348.
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Twin Cruiser VGF : the complementary contribution of Peroxone​

  • The VGF model associates Oxygen peroxide (H2O2) and Peroxone (03H2O2) resulting in total decontamination of surfaces and ambient air. This treatment combined with ozone will have an action on viruses and bacteria. Like the TwinCruiser LC, it is also certified NF T72-281 (2009 and 2014) and NF EN 14348.

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