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Adresse 4 rue des Frères Montgolfier – 49240 Avrillé – France
Adresse 4 rue des Frères Montgolfier – 49240 Avrillé – France
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Vente d’équipements de désinfection pour hôpital à Angers

Sales of disinfection equipment for offices and premises in Angers.

Sanitary disinfection equipment is not only recommended for hospital and food processing environments. The decontamination is essential for all places frequented by the public, such as offices and commercial premises. If this operation is just advised in normal times, it becomes unavoidable in case of an epidemic and for all reasons related to compliance with the hygiene rules in force.
Being specialized in the sale of disinfection equipment in Angers, France, Vigitechnics offers high technology equipment for operations related to disinfection of offices. The company markets devices essential for the cleanliness of premises and for the cleaning of offices.

Why opt for Vigitechnics equipment?

The decontamination is a cleaning and sanitizing technique that consists of eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses present in workplaces or commercial premises. This operation essentially meets very precise hygiene protocols defined by the Ministry of Health. In the case of offices and premises, disinfection aims in particular to create a healthy environment for employees and other users of the premises. Through its range of sanitary equipment, Vigitechnics provides those in charge of cleaning of offices with efficient equipment capable of decontaminating every corner of the treated areas. These devices thus make it possible to reduce and eliminate the circulation of germs and bacteria. Using the office disinfectionVGF and LC equipment, designed by the TwinCruiser® brand, helps prevent the spread of viruses in the event of epidemics such as colds, flu or gastroenteritis. Decontamination does not only concern the objects used in the premises and offices, but also the surrounding air and all exposed surfaces: office equipment, carpets, floors...
Pourquoi opter pour les équipements Vigitechnics ?

LCleanliness tools for premises and offices


The TwinCruiser® VGF proposed by the company of sales of disinfection equipment in Angers, France, is perfectly adapted to the various operations of surface disinfection by air. The device works with an aerosolization diffusion mode, with a particle size ranging from 5 to 8 ?m. Equipped with a VigiFlow system, the TwinCruiser® VGF is safe for electronics. It diffuses a disinfectant in the form of a dry and homogeneous mist based on Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) ? 8%, non-corrosive, biodegradable and non-toxic. This material complies with standards T72-281 (2014), NF T72-281 (2009) and NF EN 14348. It has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories accredited at the European level, and offers the possibility of LOG 5 disinfection or LOG 6 decontamination. It is a fully automated and programmable device, easy to implement. The VGF is equipped with a WiFi and Ethernet connection, remotely controllable from a smartphone, computer or tablet. The TwinCruiser® VGF from Vigitechnics thus allows to decontaminate all surfaces, including inaccessible or hidden ones, without moving the equipment or furniture present.


The TwinCruiser® LC device proposed by Vigitechnics is a hydrogen peroxide diffusion equipment (H2O2) ? 8%, intended for office disinfection and cleanliness of premises. The diffused disinfectant is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and biodegradable. After decontamination with this material, cleaning or drying of the treated surfaces is no longer required. This equipment leaves no residue. It is compatible with all other electronic devices in place. The TwinCruiser® LC is fully automated, easy to program and handle. It can be operated and controlled via the HMI system or remotely from any computer, tablet or smartphone.
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