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Address 4 street of Frères Montgolfier – 49240 Avrillé – France
Address 4 street of Frères Montgolfier – 49240 Avrillé – France
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Vigitechnics : Airborne Surface Disinfection (ASD) Machine

Company of sales of disinfection equipment in Angers, France, Vigitechnics offers you the best solutions for the decontamination of your spaces. Offering a top-of-the-range, reliable and high-tech sanitary and medical equipment, the company meets the needs of those who wish to have a completely sanitized place. These are machines and devices that diffuse a dry fog, composed of biocide, intended to destroy all bacteria, viruses or fungi. The design of each machine has been specifically studied in order to reach all surfaces, even the most inaccessible ones. decontamination device that combines hydrogen and ozone. It is the only company offering this innovative process today. Vigitechnics. The telephone reception of the company is reachable every day, from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm, and on Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. The company offers its services both in Angers, throughout France, and internationally.

Which TwinCruiser VGF or LC Airborne Surface Decontamination System to choose according to your activity and your premises?


The hospital is a place that must be systematically decontaminated to meet the required standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Specialist of the sale of disinfection equipment in Angers, Vigitechnics proposes a sanitary equipment adapted to the needs of hospitals, care centers as well as various health structures and devices (clinic, ambulance...).
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Pharmaceutical industry

With activity centered on the sale of disinfection equipment in Angers, Vigitechnics is able to meet the needs of pharmaceutical industries for decontamination. The company also offers decontamination devices for all places conducive to the development of bacteria and viruses.
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Hotels and Restaurants

Vigitechnics is a professional in selling disinfection equipment in Angers. The company offers a wide range of high-end machines and devices for the decontamination.
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Food industry and slaughterhouses

Vigitechnics, company of sales of disinfection equipment in Angers, markets equipment to ensure cleanliness in slaughterhouses. These materials of decontamination do not present any risk for the activities that take place in these places.
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Offices and premises

Through its office and facility cleaning equipment, Vigitechnics, specialist of sale of disinfection equipment in Angers, offers you to decontaminate all your workspaces in complete reliability.
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Equipement de désinfection et décontamination
industries pharmaceutiques

Your Airborne Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone Disinfection System easy to use and accredited in UK

Vigitechnics, professional sales of disinfection equipment in Angers, offers equipment of the brand TwinCruiser®. This equipment is available in two versions: VGF and LC. They are high-tech equipment, conforming to standards T72-281 (2014), NF T72-281 (2009) and NF EN 14348. Each piece of equipment is tested and then accredited in France and the United Kingdom. This quality equipment is as easy to use as it is to program. They allow you to perform an optimal decontamination of all surfaces, including those that are inaccessible or hidden. This equipment also complies with EC regulations applicable to "electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use".

Vigitechnis : over a decade of disinfection expertise

Based in Angers (Maine-et-Loire - France), Vigitechnics has existed since 2010. The company collaborates with an international distribution network, mainly in B to B. It is a brand of Quasar Concept / WAE Group.