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Address 4 street of Frères Montgolfier – 49240 Avrillé – France
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TwinCruiser VGF and LC Airborne Surface Disinfection (ASD) equipment

Vigitechnics : Airborne Surface Disinfection equipment - ASD

In France and abroad, Vigitechnics offers you offers you the best aerial solution for air and surface decontamination for your business premises. ASD-type and medical quality, its automated TwinCruiser VGF and LC equipment combine high technology and reliability to provide a 100% sanitised environment:
• Hospital
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Food industry
• Hotel and restaurant
• Offices and company premises including open spaces
• Third-party venues and co-working spaces

Dependent on your requirements, Vigitechnics offers two TwinCruiser models: VGF and LC

TwinCruiser VGF is an automated airborne surface disinfection (ASD) appliance. It combines Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone to achieve absolute decontamination. It is intended for hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. Vigitechnics is currently the sole enterprise offering this innovative process. The robot is equipped with an Ethernet port and a Wi-Fi modem for connected programming from any computer, tablet or remotely. Its operation is then fully automated.
TwinCruiser LC falls into the same category of ASD appliances and processes. It is oriented towards the hotel and restaurant industry, the food industry (abattoirs), offices and company premises, open spaces, third-party venues, co-working spaces... to provide healthy environment reassurance to employees and customers. Its treatment capacity is up to 300 m3. It diffuses, via aerosolisation, a disinfectant based on Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) for complete surface and air decontamination. For hospitals and the medical sector, it is also a potential TwinCruiser VGF alternative.

Which TwinCruiser VGF or LC decontamination robot should you choose depending on your business activity and your premises?

Hospital and health sector

Hospitals are places that must be systematically decontaminated to meet the required standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The Covid 19 pandemic has raised the bar even higher. As a specialist in the sale of disinfection equipment, Vigitechnics has designed sanitary equipment adapted to the needs of hospitals, care centres as well as various health institutions and devices (clinics, ambulances, etc.) and paramedical sectors.
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Pharmaceutical industry

Vigitechnics is able to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry for decontamination equipment. The company offers sanitising devices for all places where bacteria and viruses can develop
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Hotels and restaurants

Vigitechnics designs and manufactures decontamination equipment for public areas in line with the sanitary constraints of hotels and restaurants.
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Food industry and abattoirs

Vigitechnics' disinfection robots are also intended for the food industry, where disinfection and decontamination of their premises is a problem. They are especially used to ensure cleanliness in abattoirs. They do not present any risk to the activities which occur in these places.
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Offices and premises

Via its office and premises cleaning equipment, Vigitechnics is able to meet your requirements in the service sector in order to decontaminate all your workspaces with complete reliability and safety: a real basis for healthy environment reassurance for your employees and your customers.
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TwinCruiser Airborne Surface Disinfection (ASD) equipment
industries pharmaceutiques

All equipment Made in France to current standards for sanitary disinfection of professional premises

The TwinCruiser decontamination robots, in either VGF or LC version, are compliant with T72-281 (2014), NF T72-281 (2009) and NF EN 14348 standards. Each device is manufactured by us at our workshop in Avrillé (Maine-et-Loire), tested and certified in France and the UK. These high-quality devices are as easy to program as they are to use on-site. Once deployed, they allow optimal decontamination of all surfaces, including those which are inaccessible or hidden. Finally, they comply with EU regulations applicable to electrical measurement, control and laboratory equipment.

How does Airborne Surface Disinfection (ASD) work with TwinCruiser?

Airborne Surface Disinfection, used by the TwinCruiser VGF and LC, is a method of decontaminating an entire clean room or business premises, regardless of the sector of activity. It requires that, during operation, there be no human presence in the room concerned. The process consists of treating the entire internal surfaces: floor, wall, ceiling, furniture... including equipment (computer, medical, benches...) in place. The biocide used by Vigitechnics is Oxygen Peroxide, possibly combined with an Ozone generator to produce Peroxone, resulting in absolute air decontamination. This procedure is non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable. The spraying is performed by the device via a venturi nozzle. Cleaning and drying are not required after the operation.

Vigitechnis: over a decade of expertise and knowledge

Based in Angers (Maine-et-Loire), Vigitechnics has been in operation since 2010. The company works with an international distribution network, mainly in B2B. It is a brand of Quasar Concept / WAE Group.