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Address 4 street of Frères Montgolfier – 49240 Avrillé – France
Address 4 street of Frères Montgolfier – 49240 Avrillé – France
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Vente d’équipements de désinfection pour hôpital à Angers

Sale of disinfection equipment for the food industry in Angers

The cleaning and the disinfection are essential in the food industries, in order to follow the hygiene’s rules of this sector. As the cleaning and disinfection are dependant of the path to execute these tasks, the quality and efficiency of the machine used to performe these task is as well needed. For those who seek a state of the art product Vigitechnics come up with a machine designed to a disinfection for the hospital but adapted for your industry.

Why choose Vigitechnics equipment ?

Food industries are the first on the line that would try to eliminate the risk of cross contamination risk by imposing strict rules to reduce this risk. But in order to facilitate these processes and ensure a higher level of disinfection, Vigitechnics propose a solution with the machine LC. This equipment of airborne disinfection system will help them to fulfil a complete disinfection of their premises, (including storage, production lines…). It will complete an entire disinfection of the surfaces of the room reaching even the places unreachable or easily forgotten by the cleaners. In order to reduce at the maximum the risk of cross contamination to your product.
Pourquoi opter pour les équipements Vigitechnics ?

Cleanliness tools for the agri-food industry


The vigitechnics TwinCruiser LC is an equipment of D.S.V.A (aerial disinfection of surfaces) automated, with a treatment capacity up to 300m3. This device spray Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant (H2O2) with a concentration 8%, to disinfect the surface and air of the aera treated. The TwinCruiser LC is a programmable and easy to use device. The features of the room are programable from the machine screen and the machine will automatically calculate the needed amount of disinfectant needed to ensure a proper disinfection, fastening the process. The interface is compatible with Windows, for the data extraction, needed to ensure the traceability and launch of preprogramed cycle. The preprogramed interface can be used from computer, tablet and smartphone. The machine can be connected to your network through Wi-Fi connection. To conclude the machine is also equipped with a movement detector to protect the persons.
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